Kilada: Construction Update

Satellite Images



Phase 1 Development Plan

  • 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
  • Club House
  • 196 Golf Residences

Phase 1 Development status

  • Two fairways (1) which were grassed prior in 2022 are still in a grassed shape.
  • Five fairways (2) have been partially planted in the fall of 2023, on fairways that were substantially completed prior to the spring of 2023. The grass on those fairways seems to be in very poor and unmaintained shape.
  • Almost all of the equipment of the golf contractor has been removed from site. No workers are seen anywhere.
  • No progress has seen with cart paths or planting of surrounding areas.
  • At the club house location (3) some rusty reinforcing steel has been observed, which appears to be the columns of the building at the lowest level, placed several months ago (see 1st photo of 16/4/2024 group).
  • DCI mentions that 95% of the land has been released from the archaeologists. It would be beneficial to understand if the 5% of the remaining land includes the practice range (4), which is a critical component of any golf course and when the remaining 5% is expected to be released.
  • DCI should also report on the progress of the infrastructure works, which are a necessary prerequisite to be completed for the real estate to be sold.

Photos of Kilada construction